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Merciful Justice

Can there be Justice if Mercy is denied when due?


How can we be subject to Mercy?

Live according to Mercy and Mercy will claim you in the end. Live otherwise and Justice will surely claim you without Mercy. This is Justice.

What of the innocents who suffer unjustly?

(Weeping) Oh my Child, my Child! The tribulations of this evil world are but a brief moment in eternity. God will wipe away all pain from the innocent and righteous suffered during their brief span of mortality, and cause them to retain all they have gained and will greatly magnify them, even to their exaltation!

But why come here at all and face all this evil and suffering?

In order to prove whether the inhabitants of mortality will chose good or evil when the veil of forgetfulness is upon them and they forget Heaven and in this neutral state are given power and agency. To refine and frame them to receive the inheritance of the works they wrought in the midst of mortal probation, whether they be good or evil.

Does it mean I'm evil or that God hates me if he allows me to suffer?

Oh my Child, my Child! God loves his children more than mortal comprehension and desires that none should suffer! Among the greatest tragedies in existence is when Heaven is blamed for the actions of Hell and those who have chosen to use their agency to serve evil rather than God.

What about all of the evil things done in God's name? So many people turn away from Him because of this!

God will not interfere with the agency of mankind, but continually invites all to come unto Him and become whole, which no creature can be without Him. In opposition, the Adversary seeks to divide mankind from God and in perverting their agency lead them carefully down to Hell bound by attractive and flattering chains, cursing God as much as possible all the way down. All those who war against God become subject to Justice, and according to Justice God will visit evil upon the evil eternally and wipe away the suffering inflicted by evil from the righteous. This is Justice.


Saints and Heroic Modern Patriots will bear away the United States Constitution from the brink of ruin and bring about the true resurrection of this Nation, with Liberty and Justice for All.

In its ruling in Millbrook v. United States, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court has concluded that the U.S. government may be held liable for abuses intentionally carried out by law enforcement officers in the course of their employment. The Court’s ruling dovetails with arguments put forward by The Rutherford Institute in its amicus brief, which urged the Court to enforce the plain meaning of federal statutes allowing citizens to sue the government for injuries intentionally inflicted by law enforcement officers.

Obama administration et alii: Submit to Rule of Law for Felony, Sedition, Treason, and Breach of Peace Against The People and Constitution of the United States of America

                                     DECLARATION OF JUSTICE

Mr. Obama, you and your administration affirmed the following oath:
“I […] will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

You have been found in treasonous violation of this oath, causing WE THE PEOPLE to demand the immediate resignation of your entire administration followed by a hand-counted hardcopy national election to choose a Constitutional administration. The interim government will be operated as set forth under the 25th Amendment, section 4.

A brief summary of charges against the Obama administration follows:

1. Fraudulent records of birth for Barack Hussein Obama - forensically proven.
2. Perjury - multiple counts.  
3. Electronic voting fraud.
4. Public resources stolen for corporate interests (company bailouts, military-industrial complex Nation-building, etc)

2. Expressed philosophy of and concerted effort to disarm the American people and pervert/destroy the 2nd Amendment and its clearly declared purpose; being WE THE PEOPLE’s defense of last resort against government abuses of power, having been Constitutionally affirmed our right to non-aggressively match force in ways that ensure our safety and happiness.
3. Political, legal, rhetorical, and physical attacks against the following Constitutional Amendments; 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th (BRADLEY MANNING!), 7th, 8th!, 9th!!, 10th!!!, 11th, 12th, 14th, 22nd (severe threat) and the persons meant to be preserved, protected, and defended by them.  
4. Confirmed anti-U.S. Muslim Brotherhood extremist upbringing orchestrated by Communist Russian handlers, trained to be puppet President.
5. Anti-constitutional monetary system without prescribed gold standard.  

1. Logan Act violations - multiple.
2. Collusion with malicious foreign powers.
3. Chicago mob connection.
3. Operation Fast & Furious.
4.Operation Gunrunner.
5. Benghazi.
6. Destruction of Due Process by treasonously-worded NDAA.
7. Seeding of U.S. sovereignty to United Nations.
8. Unconstitutional aggressive warfare in foreign lands to bait terrorist blowback as an excuse to maintain and increase the already Unconstitutional and unconscionable size of government.
9. Ongoing support of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups which our own government created in order justify the formation and growth of domestic organizations such as the TSA and Homeland Security, modeled after Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia’s oppressive domestic police and surveillance forces.
10. [Repeated] Attacks against the following Constitutional Amendments; 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th (BRADLEY MANNING!), 7th, 8th!, 9th!!, 10th!!!, 11th, 12th, 14 (section 3), 22nd (severe threat) and the persons meant to be preserved, protected, and defended by them.
11. Government-mandated purchases of goods and services, violating civil and religious freedoms.
12. Erosion of practical national defense capabilities. Domestic coastal defense ignored while Russian nuclear subs roam the Gulf. U.S. military presence surges overseas where our troops can be trapped several ways, while we’re told to turn in our guns at home…
13. Supporting government control/censoring of the internet in violation of the 1st Amendment.
14. Anti-constitutional Presidential kill list. 

Breach of Peace
1. Drone-murdering innocent men, women, and children in Unconstitutional engagements.
2. Human abduction and torture.  
3. So-called ‘war on drugs’, which is actually a war on civil liberties, training U.S. citizens to accept the boot of unjust authority.  
4. FDA raw milk SWAT raids…
5. For-profit prison-industrial complex.
6. False flag operations.

This is your last chance. Step down, turn yourselves in, confess, and the American People will receive your repentance and humility with Mercy. You will never again hold public office, be it military, civil, or contractual and can live the remainder of your life without further prosecution.

Continue to subvert, pervert, abominate, and/or flee Justice and you will not succeed, except temporarily. We are Endless. We know your crimes and have the evidence by which you will shortly be brought to Justice. The choice is now yours whether to forgo Mercy for yourself and those who love you or instead peacefully resign.  

With Regard to the Office of President,

Most people know we’re past the point of petitions being effective, but this is more a message saying “I signify that TREASONOUS WHORES WILL NOT ESCAPE JUSTICE”. 

I won’t let those who attack the U.S. Constitution get away with treason. I affirmed that, AS DID FEINSTEIN , when we first entered into the public’s service and swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

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